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Increase address quality and maximize savings

Reduce costs, increase response rates and boost customer satisfaction with a powerful address quality solution

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Boost the accuracy of Canadian address data
Verify and standardize customer address data, reduce postal costs, and ensure more accurate, timely delivery of customer communications with Canadian CODE-1 Plus from Pitney Bowes Business Insight.

A comprehensive software solution that cleans, codes and validates address data, Canadian CODE-1 Plus® address quality solution is the efficient, more accurate address matching product for Canadian mailings. Since mailings meet Canada Post Corporation (CPC) standardization requirements, businesses can avoid surcharges for non-standardized pieces and obtain substantial cost savings from CPC discounts and incentives.

All address matching and standardization is done by matching the addresses with the Canadian CODE-1 Plus solution’s own database (updated databases are provided monthly by Group 1). Canadian CODE-1 Plus™also provides the necessary documentation in order to obtain incentives and discounts from the CPC, so companies don’t have to deal with the headache of paperwork.

Validate Canadian addresses
The Canadian CODE-1 Plus database contains all addresses in Canada that are maintained by the CPC. Canadian CODE-1 Plus uses information from the CPC’s master files to assure that addresses are valid according to CPC specifications. Through the use of these databases, Canadian CODE-1 Plus provides the capability to correct and/or validate all of the address elements and postal codes anywhere in Canada.

Leverage powerful address coding capabilities

Canadian CODE-1 Plus® standardizes mailing addresses to conform to industry standards:

  • Matches the addresses in businesses’ databases to the addresses in the Canadian CODE-1 Plus™database
  • Returns matched addresses in the optimum, standardized format 
  • Validates and corrects addresses when necessary, as well as adds post information where needed 
  • Writes results to one or more output files depending on processing needs
Works with other products for maximum savings
Canadian CODE-1 Plus can be used with other Pitney Bowes Business Insight products to give organizations a total postal discount and list management solution. Once a file is processed with Canadian CODE-1 Plus, businesses can:
  • Use the reporting capability and return codes to determine the quality of the input file, and then correct the database as needed
  • Use SortStream Canada™ presort solution to obtain presorting discounts 
  • Operate it as a stand-alone batch application, or as called subroutines from other application programs to validate addresses at time of data entry.

Comprehensive address correction features
The built-in features of Canadian CODE-1 Plus® give you the power to correct and validate all of the address elements and postal codes anywhere in Canada. Addresses are matched and returned in the optimum, standardized format and additional postal information is appended where needed, so you can benefit from reduced postage costs, accurate address lists, improved demographic information, more efficient mailroom operations, and improved mail service and deliverability.

SERP-approved for added post discounts
Canadian CODE-1 Plus is recognized and approved by the Canada Post Corporation. The Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) evaluates software packages for their ability to validate and correct mailing lists to Canada Post requirements. Only mailers with recognized software may take advantage of incentive rates.

Computer-generated statement of accuracy
Canadian CODE-1 Plus makes it easy to generate the Statement of Accuracy required under the Canada Post Address Accuracy program. The SOA is needed to earn the lowest possible rates on Lettermail, Addressed Admail and Publications Mail.

Fully formatted address lines and elements
Canadian CODE-1 Plus lets users select to have parsed or un-parsed address elements returned. Additionally, users can select to have fully formatted address lines returned.

English and French reporting
Output can be returned in French where the match is made in a bilingual record in the CPC database. Reports can be produced in either English or French.

End-to-end data quality
Canadian CODE-1 Plus works in conjunction with other Pitney Bowes Business Insight products to provide a total list management service. With SortStream Canada™, you can also maximize your presort discounts.

Integrated data workflow
Canadian CODE-1 Plus provides you the flexibility to manage all of your data quality and direct mail applications through a single user interface. Manage jobs ranging from a single application, to those incorporating multiple Pitney Bowes Business Insight solutions or third-party technologies. Built-in Wizards and online help make it easy to administer any task, from job set-up and processing to results analysis.

Wide range of platform and operating systems
Canadian CODE-1 Plus supports a wide variety of platforms and operating systems, including: IBM® Mainframe (VSE/IMS/ZOS/ZOS.e), UNIX®, Windows® NT/2000 or higher, iSeries and DEC.


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